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about-buzz-pageHi and Welcome to my about page,

My name is Paul James and I just love Bulgaria so much I want to share its secrets with you.

My wife and I came on holiday in 2008, fell in love with the country, bought a house and decided to take early retirement and come and live here full time in 2011.

Why Bulgaria?

Well, It is the cheapest country in Europe to live so it allows us to retire with a small pension, life is less stressful, the people are wonderful and easy going and the rural countryside, nature and weather are terrific.


About Bulgaria’s Tourism 

As you will possibly know, Bulgaria was a communist country from the 1945 until 1989

In 2007 Bulgaria joined the European Union but unfortunately, joining the European community is not a magic wand for investment in the country. Wages are very low in Bulgaria in comparison with other EU countries and the future security and lack of employment within Bulgaria is forcing many young people to leave their families look for work in other countries.

Tourism however, is a great opportunity for Bulgaria but here lies another battle. Mass tourism could see the destruction of protected areas to make way for new hotels and golf courses etc while more sustainable or eco tourism would preserve much of Bulgaria’s beauty and still offer employment for its future generations and at the same time make a lesser pollution footprint on the environment.

Many travelers come to the Black Sea resorts to enjoy the sun and sand with young families, the mountains during winter offer great skiing
opportunities and the several golf courses in Bulgaria are world class.

All this is great for Bulgaria the businesses and people that work in those industries and long may it continue.

house sitters

About Bulgaria’s Sustainable Tourism.

Bulgaria is not all about sun sand and cheap booze. It is a unique country that has much more to offer than what is usually promoted by holiday companies and even the Bulgarian tourist association!

Most of Bulgaria’s best treasures lie in its traditions and its culture, in its history and its folklore in its nature and its wildlife and all of which can be discovered in the ancient villages, towns and cities around the beautiful mountains and valleys of Bulgaria.

These treasures have to be protected so future generations from all around the world can continue to visit and enjoy the natural beauty of Bulgaria.

Many ‘responsible’ companies are putting sustainable tourism before profits and it is these companies that deserve the support when travelers are looking for tours.

 About Bulgarian Buzz

I hope that ‘Bulgarian Buzz’ can reveal to you some of Europe’s hidden secrets and encourage you to come and discover ‘Bulgaria’s Green Gold’

 The local tour companies I recommend on this site are run by professional  guides who contribute immensely to the sustainable and responsible Eco-tourism in Bulgaria.

By using their services you will have a unique and educational experience, you will also contribute to the local communities, the preservation of Bulgaria’s countryside and the conservation of its heritage

Please feel free to leave a comment. It’s always good to hear from you.

Many Thanks!


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