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Bulgaria Car Rental A Dozen Reasons to Hire a Car on Holiday

Booking a Bulgaria car rental with Holiday Autos you will find a geat range of cars to choose from all the leading brands and so should suit all budgets from a single driver to large families and you will generally find the prices are much cheaper  than booking direct .

Your overall holiday enjoyment will usually come down to what you experience, and the  independence and flexibility  to do your own thing. renting a car goes a long way to giving you that freedom and fulfillment for your vacation.




1. Escape from the Tourist Crowds

More than 5 million tourists flock to The Black Sea area of Bulgaria every year. Most of these are between June and September. If you are booking your holiday in one of the resorts, just a few Bulgaria car rental days with Holiday Autos will give you a break away from the maddening crowds and give you chance to unwind in the surrounding peaceful countryside. Give it a thought now and book your car before you arrive

2. No Reliance on Public Transport

Public Transport is a cheap and great way to get around Bulgaria, but, depending on where you want to go in a day, your time may be limited. Maybe only one bus a day goes to that place, making your day's schedule too tight. Some sites are well off the public transport routes and so taxi, bus excursion or self drive are your only options.

3. Save Money on Excursions

There are many excursions organised by hotels and travel companies in the ‘tourist areas' to various places of interest around Bulgaria but although they may offer reasonable prices, when travelling with a family, or even sometimes just as couple, your budget may not stretch to the total asking price, therefore a Bulgaria car rental with Holiday Autos,  if only for a few days, may work out much cheaper and still allow you to discover more of the country.

4. Independence of Travel

Using  Holiday Autos for your Bulgaria car rental excursions and organising your own time to discover more of Bulgaria, gives you freedom and flexibility. Start and  stop your journey whenever you decide, stay as long as you need at any particular place, go on what day you choose and wherever you want to,  and to be able to have a toilet break whenever you need one, without having to let a whole  load of people know why you want the driver to stop the bus.


5. Discover more of the Country

Holidaying in the sun the sea and the sand is great, but it would be such a shame and a waste of a holiday (in my opinion) not to discover other parts of Bulgaria. Even for a few days a Bulgaria car rental with Holiday Autos will give you a break away from the ‘maddening crowds’ and will add to your holiday experience.

6. More Great Memories of your Holiday

Friends will always ask ‘How was your holiday’? ‘What did you do’? You will always have better memories, the more places you have visited and experienced. You will also have different photographs to remind you of the many places visited .  A Bulgaira car rental holiday will also improve your knowledge of the country.

7. Always something to See and Do.

If you have chosen a remote location then having a car rental at your disposal will allow you to travel further afield and your two week annual holiday will not become a bore after the first 4 days of seeing all there is to see in your area.

8. New Adventures

A Bulgaria car rental with Holiday Autos can bring you all kinds of new adventures, doing something different, going off the beaten path that other tourists have failed to tread and being in charge of your holiday experience. What better way to do that, than by having at your disposal, a rental car to give you the freedom to enjoy Bulgaria at your leisure.   

9. Road Trips and Multiple Location Holidays

For those who wish to really get their 'money’s worth' from a holiday, organising a Bulgaria car rental road trip is a great way to discover many of the interesting places this country has to offer. Staying at the hotels of your choice along your route gives you control of your holiday too.


10. Cheaper Fuel

As the headline says, fuel is cheaper in Bulgaria compared to other European countries thereby making your road trip more cheaper.

11. Travel in Stylerenting a car

You’re on holiday, so if you’re going to rent a car why not get something you don't normally drive back home. Rent a convertible, rent a luxury car, rent a large car between friends or family or just give the children more legroom with a larger car. Holiday Autos have a great choice to suit your budget.

12. Door to Door Service

Get off the aeroplane at any of the Bulgarian airports and within minutes you can be in your Bulgaria car rental, driving to your chosen destination for a fantastic holiday. No fuss, no waiting for taxi drivers and no waiting for your hotel bus to pick you up. You can time your return to the airport to get the very last minutes out of your holiday.

If you have a late flight and need to be out of your hotel in the morning, why not visit another town or place of interest en route, before enjoying a pre- flight meal at a restaurant nearer to the airport before jetting off back home.

I hope this encourages you to hire a car, not just when you come to Bulgaria but wherever you travel in the world, even if only for a few days to experience what's outside any hotels walls



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