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Mish Mash.  A Bulgarian ‘anything goes’ Omellette

mish mash ingredientsMish Mash is basically a dish containing several ingredients thrown together to make a meal. In fact, the dictionary definition of Mish Mash states it is;

'a confusion of ingredients'.

The Bulgarian ‘Mish Mash’ is hardly confusing. It is an omelette which contains white cheese, called ‘sirene’ and other simple ingredients

In Bulgaria the white cheese ‘sirene’ is  traditionally made from cow’s milk.

If you wish to use the Greek feta white cheese, commonly made from goats milk then this is ok and maybe your only choice at your local store or supermarket.

Mish Mash is a very popular breakfast or lunchtime meal in Bulgaria. It is quick and easy to make and can of course be be eaten during any time of the year.

Like any recipe, add or subtract ingredients to suit your tastes.  If you are very hungry add more eggs per person, or add more cheese.

Once you have made your first Mish Mash I’m sure you will want to experiment by adding different spices or herbs.

 Never be afraid to experiment.

ingredients mish mash



Mish Mash Recipe

Serves 2


4 Eggs
200 grams white cheese. (siirene or feta) Chopped small
2  Tomatoes. Chopped small
2  Red or green peppers. Chopped small
½ Onion, Chopped small
2 tablespoons of vegetable oil


1 tsp chubritsa or fresh parsley.( Or other herb or spice of your liking)!
black pepper to taste


Break, then mix the eggs in a jug.

Heat the oil in your frying pan (medium heat)

Add onions and peppers

Cook until onions and peppers are softer.

Add tomatoes and cheese and stir.

Add your seasoning and stir ( I think feta cheese is quite salty so I do not add salt. You can always add it afterwards,so too the black pepper)

Add eggs to the pan and cook and stir until the cheese has melted and eggs are cooked to your liking.

Serve with warm toast and enjoy!

Other  alternativesmish mash photo

Roast your peppers prior to using in the Mish Mash

Add other cooked meats to the dish. ie: salami, bacon

Experiment with other ingredients you like.

 It’s a Mish Mash so anything goes!

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