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Black Sea Resorts North of Varna

resorts north of varnaThere are many Black sea resorts North of Varna before reaching the Romanian border  and the beautiful towns and villages along the coastline all offer something different as an alternative place to holiday.

Along the coastal areas there are many mineral spas and if you wish to ‘take the waters’ then look up the nearest one to where you are staying, the locals will tend to use spas for medical reasons and they will know where to find the cheapest.



Black Sea resorts North of Varna you may wish to consider.


Although to some with a wry sense of humour Krapets doesn’t sound like a nice place to stay, it is however, a wonderful, place for those wishing to escape the hustle and bustle of life’s pressures and enjoy a more tranquil destination in the sun.

Situated about 90 kms North of Varna airport The small seaside village of Krapets is the closest resort North of Varna to the border with Romania and is known for its beautiful scenery and relaxing atmosphere.

You will not find any luxury or ‘all inclusive’ hotels here but the prices and accommodation in the area are far cheaper than its Southern competitors and should satisfy those of you who seek a more natural surround and peaceful setting.

The sandy and dune laden beach is about 6 kms long and the area is underdeveloped.

A few kilometers to the North you will find Lake Durankulak which is a most important and preserved wetland in Bulgaria and  a great place for bird watchers.

If you want to enjoy the sun in a relaxing area without all the frills and take in the nature and truly relax, then Krapets could be for you. Don’t forget to try the local ‘fish soup’ which the friendly local villagers will offer you

Find a Hotel in Krapets



25 kms from the border with Romania and a little further  South of  Krapets lies the small town of Shabla which is about a 3 hour drive from Bucharest airport or 65kms North of Varna .

The town is not really a seaside town because it is not actually located on the coast itself although only a short walk to the beach area.

It is worth mentioning Shabla as a holiday destination though. It offers  more affordable accommodation than other popular resorts further south and the beach itself is empty of buildings apart from the oldest lighthouse on the Balkan coast.

The sea bed off  the coast from Shabla has many sunken wrecks and includes submarines from the second world war so if wreck diving is something you are interested in then  here lies an opportunity.

About 3 kms north lies Lake Shabl;a and  Lake Ezerets  which are wetland areas of great importance to the protection of the otter and globally threatened species of birds.

Shabla is untouched by construction on a vast scale the other resorts have succumbed and so again another alternative for  a relaxing and cheaper holiday.

Hotels in Shabla



The resort area of Kavarna is about 68kms from Varna airport.

A town of 12000 people has a port for yachts a good beach area and a great place for sea fishing.

Kavarna is famous for holding it annual ‘Rock Fest’ and has featured many famous bands from around the world, notably ‘Deep Purple’

Other legends such as heavy metal  bands the scorpions and Destruction have also performed here.

The Rock Fest usually is held towards the end of June and attracts fans from all over Europe during its three day, weekend event.

Since 2005 Kavarna has slowly turned into a  ‘rock and roll kinda town’

Hotels in Kavarna



Another well known Black sea resort North of Varna is Balchik this lovely town 52 kms from Varna’s international airport stands on a former Thracian site but under the Ottoman rule it became known as Balchik.

The Balchik Palace and the adjacent Balchik Botanical Garden are the town's most visited places of interest but for those who enjoy the well loved sport of golf then you are in the right area.

There are three internationally famed golf courses in the area designed by Gary Player and Ian Woosnam and in 2013 the Volvo World Match Play Championship was held at the Thracian Cliffs Golf Course.

The beach area is a good walk from the towns centre but the restaurants are well priced for a popular resort although slightly more expensive as are the hotles compared to those resorts we have mentioned previously.

Hotels in Balchik



Albena was one of the purpose built Black Sea resorts north of Varna  built in 1968

Albena is yet another Blue Flag winning resort  has a 5-km long beach and is open from May to end September, the normal holiday season for Black Sea resorts north of Varna.

Albena resort  has practically everything that you would expect from a beach holiday.

Only being 40kms from Varna’s airport its close proximity makes it an ideal destination for young families who wish to be away from the hustle and bustle and ‘bright lights’ of Golden sands but still have the entertainment of a larger resort.

Many of the hotels have been built right on the beach front which is great news for parents with younger children.

For campers there are 3 large campsites on the very picturesque road between Albena and the nearby village of Kranevo

Hotels in Albena


St Constantine and Helena

St Constantine and Helena is the first officially recognized Bulgarian resort and is one of the most popular and beautiful Black Sea resorts north of Varna.

The small town is situated between Varna and Golden Sands and only 18 km from Varna international airport set in an area of  natural beauty. 

The beaches are open from May to October and offer many and varied entertainment for family holidays.

All along the beach and among the resort you will find a wide variety of meals to satisfy every taste.

As you would expect because of its closeness to Varna and Golden sands, the entertainment for families is well catered for but the prices are more than that of those further up the coast, however they are still more affordable than most other holiday destinations in Europe and offer great value for money.

Hotels in St Constantine and Helena 


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