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Tips on House Buying in Bulgaria

house buying House buying in Bulgaria for the uninitiated can be a daunting task. There are many property agents who are willing to part you from your hard earned cash and sell you thier dream instead of yours.
That may sound harsh and unfair to most property agents, and it is. Many agents are dilligent in thier quest to find you a house or sell the one you own.  Forewarned is forearmed
You may have read some horror stories on the internet about persons being ‘taken for a ride’ by estate agents but this can be avoided by some easy steps.


Better House Buying

1 Do not buy blind. Visit Bulgaria and the property. Visit the estate agents office and look for latest reccomendations on the internet from other buyers and sellers.

2 Ensure you know the fees of the property agents . These can differ wildly from 2 to 6% or more

3 Ensure you engage a legal person for your transactions before signing contracts

4  Be aware of pushy agents. A good agent is patient and understands your situation.

5   A very good agent will only take you to properties that meet your criteria

Searching for a House in Bulgaria.

Remember rule 1. Come and see the properties and touch it! Don’t buy blind

Decide if you want to live in a rural enviroment, a city, or near the coast or mountains. Do some research on the internet before you leave home to give you a better idea of Bulgaria’s areas and the buying/selling process.

Visit the areas of Bulgaria which may appeal to you. Visit several of the surrounding villages in that area to see if it feels like home.




There are thousands of properties which require complete renovations . There are thousands of properties that are livable but require further improvements.
Many properties are already renovated and some will be fully furnished.

You could find yourself owning any of these properties by the end of a two week holiday. Yes, the transactions and signing over can be that fast sometimes.

Be aware that some houses are advertised as ‘renovated’. Having a new sink fitted or a wall painted  does not always fully fit our interpetation of the word ‘renovated.’ This is not agent trickery to get us to veiw but just another quirk of this beautiful country.

Don’t be put off by the many derelect looking houses. These properties can be bought very cheap and can be restored into your dream home for a fraction of the cost you would find a similar property in Europe.

Hire a car and get to see more of the country, you can always return to Bulgaria on another trip with an intent to buy rather than search an area.

Where to stay when house buying in Bulgaria

Many villages have an ever growing number of foreign residents from all over europe and beyond.  Many expats also run guest houses or holiday homes.
Meeting up with other people who speak your native tongue at the local village bar while on a visit to Bulgaria can be of immense help to you.
Many are able to pass on thier well intended advice and experience!

So, rather than book a hotel, use local accomodation in an area you wish to search.

Holiday Home in Bulgaria

If it is a holiday home you are after, your house buying criteria may be different from that of a person looking for full time living. However, although you may not want for central heating if you only visit during summer months, there may be a time when you wish to sell the house and it may be more beneficial to the sale to have heating installed. Leave the system empty of water to eliviate winter freezing.

Buying Remote Properties in Bulgaria

bulgariaThere are many beautiful villages in the rural countryside with magnificent views.

Think about the location of the property. Some villages may be an hour or mores drive from the nearest town and it may be cut off for days during wintertime. If you crave a bar of choclate in these remote areas it’s an expedition to get to your nearest shop.
That being said the cost of these remote houses are reflected in the cheaper price.



House Buying in Bulgaria Summary.

I have given you my opinion on ways you can make the best use of your time in Bulgaria with the intention of house buying.

House buying can be a daunting task and in particular in a country you are not accustomed. We were no different. We had not got a clue about Bulgaria when we arrived to search for a house. But, we came, we blundered and we bought and we renovated and eventually made a life here.  Thank fully we had a good estate agent who held our hand through the whole process.

You can be different. Get a better start by learning from the mistakes of others (its much cheaper than learning from your own!)

Don’t rush into things, there are thousands and thousands of properties for sale and new ones are coming to the market all the time.

Finding a good property agent for your house buying

Find a good estate agent who will take care of your requirements, who will explain everything up front with no hidden costs. You will need an agent who is both patient and diligent and that offers unbias advice and will help negotiate the final transaction.

Contact a property agent before you arrive in Bulgaria. Tell them your criteria and the areas you wish to look.
They will be better prepared to assist you on your arrival. Many agents will assist in your travel arrangements too. Contact them and ask questions.

BulgarianBuzz Reccomendation

Based in Veliko Tarnovo but covering many other parts of Bulgaria. Veselin Valchev, manager at IDEAL HOMES  is guided by his strict morals and understands the importance of ensuring his clients happiness. Veselin speaks very good English and through his contacts can assist with after sales in the way of renovations, insurances and many other aspects of a buyers needs.  IDEAL HOMES is considered to be the most competative on buying/selling fees.

After reading this you will be in a better position to decide on your new home in Bulgaria. I wish you every success and should you move to Bulgaria or require any further assistance then please don’t hesitate to contact us.






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