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Wildlife Tours ‘Wild Echo’ Bulgaria

Nature and wildlife tours

Golden Eagle

Bulgarian Buzz supports the opportunities for responsible and sustainable tourism and
 recommends one of Bulgaria's leading nature and wildlife tours companies. 

'Wild Echo' who places ethics before those of its profits.

With over 12 years of experience Wild Echo expert tour guides will ensure you will have a memorable,educational and truly unique and enjoyable experience.

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Bulgaria. Nature at its best

Did you know that Bulgaria has one of the best, if not the best diversity of wildlife in Europe?

Its geographical location is one contributing factor being on the Mediterranean and continental climate zones its distinct four seasons throughout the year help too, but for such a small country, the several mountain ranges rising to 3000 metres the steep sided rock cliffs, the deep gorges with rivers and valleys, large untouched forests and the flat plains make Bulgaria a paradise for those wishing to get closer to nature and enjoy the many species of flora fauna mammal and bird species that frequent these habitats.

If you like to boast figures then Bulgaria has over 400 species of birds over 100 types of mammals

200 species of butterflies over 60 kinds of dragonflies 37 species of reptiles and 19 species of amphibians all living among over 4000  kinds of plant life 150 of which are considered endangered.

There are 3 National parks, 11 nature parks, 89 official nature reserves and more than 2000 other natural sites.

Oh and don’t forget the Black Sea coast line where loggerhead turtles hang out with all other manner of sea life.

Not bad for a country with only 43,000sq miles (111,000kms)  where some of the oldest trees in the world still grow such as the Granit Oak.

Wildlife scientists and enthusiasts come from all over the world to marvel at the slithery frogs, toads, snakes, lizards, newts and such like, so if your nerves are made of steel you may wish to join one of the many tours that go in search of these ‘loveable’ creatures.

Maybe you will like butterflies, moths or bats and other flying insects that buzz and fly around your head, there are special tours for that too.

Bird watching, Eagles Bear and wolf hides, wild boar, deer the list goes on It’s a nature lovers paradise and a wildlife photographers Serengetti.


Bird Watching

Nature and wildlife tours

European Green Woodpecker

Bears & Wolves



Wildlife Photography

Nature and wildlife tours

Two Tailed Pasha

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