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20 Fascinating Facts about Bulgaria

fascinating facts bulgariaWorld Beating fascinating Facts about Bulgaria     

1.   The Cyrillic alphabet was invented by two Bulgaria monks. Cyril and Methodius

2.  The city of Plovdiv (Bulgaria’s 2nd largest city) is the oldest in Europe and the 6th oldest in the world at 4000BC

3.  Bulgarian yogurt is the best in the world. The unique Lactobacillus bulgaricus bacteria used for its production can only be found in Bulgaria.

4.   Bulgaria has the world’s largest IMAX 3D cinema

5.  The gold treasure discovered in the Varna Necropolis is the oldest one in the world. It dates back to 5000 BC

6.  The first digital wristwatch was invented by a Bulgarian. Peter Petrov

7.  The country is one of the worlds biggest winemakers. 200,000 tons every year.

8.  1st March is Baba Marta Day (Grandmother March) and is uniquely celebrated in Bulgaria by people giving Martinitsas red and white bracelets to each other.

 Historic Fascinating Facts about Bulgaria

9.  Bulgaria isfascinating facts about bulgaria the oldest country in Europe that hasn’t changed its name since it was first established in 681. AD

10.  For 700 years Bulgaria territory was nearly twice the size it is today.

11.   Bulgaria comes third in the list of countries with most valuable archaeological sites discovered on it’s land, preceded only by Greece and Italy.

12.The Bulgarian army has never lost a flag in Battle

13.   After the collapse of a Roman bridge in the 4th Century there was no crossing of the Danube between Romania and Bulgaria for 1,600 years. 14.   Over 15 000 Thracian tombs have been discovered on the territory of Bulgaria. Most of them are yet to be explored.

 fascinating facts about bulgariaMore Buzz Fascinating Facts about Bulgaria

15.  The famous Bulgarian rose oil from Kazanlak is used for making some of the world’s  most popular and expensive perfumes. One gram rose oil is produced out of 1000 rose blossoms.

16.  Bulgaria has the highest number of natural mineral springs in Continental Europe – over 600.

17.  Over 30% of Bulgaria is forestry

18.  Bulgarians shake their heads for Yes and approval and Nod their heads for No.fascinating facts about bulgaria

19.  Name days are celebrated in Bulgaria in addition to birthdays. Bulgarians tend to be named after Saints, of which there are many, and Bulgarians celebrate that feast day even more than they do their own birth days.

20.  Though small in area, Bulgaria ranks in the top 3  Europe in biodiversity, with a number of rare and endemic species. More than 700 brown bears, 1,000 wolves, golden jackal, wild cats, common otters, souslik and 37 species of reptiles can be found here

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