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The Rose Oil Festival of Bulgaria Customized Tours

Main Events 2nd & 3rd June 2018

rose oil festivalKazanlak Customized Rose Oil Festival Tour

  • Visit the Rose Oil Museum and discover about the Rose oil production
  • Witness the spectacular 'Rose Queen' Parade
  • Visit the Rose oil feilds and pick a few of your own
  • Taste some of the wonderful products that can be made from the oils.
  • Be a part of the colourful celebrations
  • Visit the ancient city Plovdiv or the beautiful village of Koprivishtitsa
  • Transfers to and from Sofia or other place.
  • English speaking guides
  • Tour to suit your individual needs and priorities.
We can organise your Rose Oil Festival experience to suite your arrival and departure in Bulgaria to include other great places of interest such as the historical city of Plovdiv, the beautiful village of Koprivishtitsa, or the unique open air museum of Etar and the old medieval capital of Veliko Tarnovo to ensure your visit to Bulgaria will be memorable



Let's get your carnival experience underway!

Booking your Hotel or Private Tour

Because of the popularity of the internationally famous rose festival, hotels in the nearby areas get quickly booked up, we then have to look further afield for accomodation vacancies.  This could mean an extra hour or so of travelling each day into Kazanlak. We recommend you book early to avoid the extra commute time.


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rose festival  The Rose Festival at Kazanlak is one of the most remarkable events in Bulgaria, and has become  an annual attraction of international importance since its first ever festival in 1903 and  now brings thousands of visitors from all over the World every year to the area.

The 'Buzz' and the carnival atmosphere within the town of Kazanlak is amazing. There are many craft stalls, souvenir stands and lots more to enjoy for all age groups.

Don't miss the processions and the folk dancing from performers all over the Balkans and Russia

Art exhibitions, gourmet cooking and lets not forget the wine tasting, are all on the agenda and the festival climax is on the Sunday which sees the crowning of the ‘Queen of the Roses’ and the wonderful rose festival procession.

The rose festival lasts over  a week but the main celebrations are for three days on the Friday Saturday and Sunday where singing and dancing can be heard and seen everywhere from the many visiting choirs and folklore groups.


 If you have never visited Kazanlak this is the week to take advantage and enjoy all the museums around the town too.

kazanlak rose festivalGathering of the Roses

The gathering of the roses is undertaken between May and June , (depending on the seasonal conditions), when the rose blossoms. During this period, the whole region  gives off a pleasant scent and everywhere is covered with multi-coloured flowers. Almost 2000 people are employed during the traditional gathering, and each rose has to be carefully cut by hand, one by one and laid in willow-baskets, which are then sent to the distilleries for oil the oil to be extracted.
The cutting is done between 5 am and 10 am every morning when the yield of the oil is at its highest and the dew is said to be  'sparkling on the flowers'

The Valley of the Rose Oil Festival

The Rose oil festival valley includes Karlovo and Kazanlak fields, as well as some parts of the Nova Zagora fields. The Total area is about 3,300 square kilometres  and is situated between two mountain ranges  the Balkan and Sredna Gora Mountains.These ranges help stop the cold winds during winter time and give this area its specific climate, ideal for the growth of these special Roses.

Buzz Facts
3,5 tons of rose petals go into the making of one kilogram of rose oil
Bulgarian rose oil is used in space industry, as a greasing component in space equipment, due to its resistance to any temperature changes.

Rose Oil for Fragrance

Rose oil is an indispensable ingredient in virtually all fine perfumes made famous by producers like Christian Dior, Givenchy, Chanel and Bulgari. For centuries, the Damascus rose (Rosa damascena) has been considered a symbol of beauty and love. The fragrance of the rose has been captured and preserved in the form of rose water by a method that can be traced back to ancient times in the Middle East, and later to the Indian subcontinent. A Persian scientist, Avicenna, is credited with the invention of the process for extracting rose water from rose petals in the early 11th century

Origins of the Kazanlak Rose Oil Festival

The oil-bearing rose ‘ Rosa Damescena’  was brought to Bulgaria by the Ottomans Turkish merchants  in the 17th century to be cultivated in the Balkan regions.

A nearby valley to the new town of Kazanlak was a perfect environment for growing roses , The Turksih word for ‘still’ is Kazan and Kazanlak means a place of stills.

liquid goldBuzz Fact

Bulgarian Rose Oil is known as 'Liquid Gold'
Prices can reach 4,000  Euros a kilogram

The first official records of rose oil exports refer to trade with Germany and Austro-Hungary beginning in 1771.

Because of the country’s unique climate and soil, this rose gradually developed into a Bulgarian strain distinct from Damask roses elsewhere and so at the beginning of the 19 century the rose was called the 'Kazanlak Rose'. The valley has become known as the Valley of the Roses and produces the finest rose oil in the world.

What to see and do in Kazanlak

Tomb of the Thracian Kings UNESCO world heritage site.

Kazanlak is famous for its Thracian tombs which date back to the 4th century BC. The tombs were accidentally discovered in 1944 during the second world war,when digging a hole for a defense a gun emplacement the 6000 year old tomb of the Thracian Kings was discovered. It is now a World Heritage Site.

The tomb can easily be fothracian tombund near the town center but be aware that because of the need to preserve this important archaeological discovery the real tomb is only open at certain times of the year and or by prior arrangement. There is however a replica of the tomb next to it and shows what the real one looks like.

The entrance fee is 3 leva  and depending on your interest or even if your a slow reader I think you will be out of the attraction in 10 minutes. However the painted murals on the walls and ceiling inside are quite wonderful even if they are replicas but they want 5 leva to take photographs of a representation of the original!  Come on guys this is more than the entrance fee!!


 Kulata Ethnographical Complex

Only a hundred of meters from kazanlakthe tomb towards the centre of Kazanlak  is a very interesting place to visit. Two houses of the revival period give the visitor and idea of life in the area The former house of Hadji Eno is typical for this Balkan region. More can be learned about the region’s rose cultivation here.

For 3 leva its well worth the visit and you get to sample a glass of rose oil tea and a biscuit.

Museum of Roses

The Museum of Roses which was founded in 1984 with the help of the city’s Museum of History. There is a display of tools used to cultivate the rose gardens, along with vessels used to store and transport rose oil and rosewater.

kazanlak rose festivalCity & Park

This is a nice park in the centre where you can wander around have an ice cream or drink and watch the world go by as well as look at the array of flowers.

During the festival of Roses week the main square and street along from the centre has many stalls and exhibitions to look around. The wine exhibition is very popular in particular!

Rose Villages.

About 10 kms south of Kazanlak are the villages of Rozevo, Kanchevo and Razhena among others who on certain days during the festival puts on a display of the gathering of the roses and you can go along and pick some yourself. and add them to the bubbling 'kazan' at the edge of the field. People dress in traditional costume and music is played.

It is a good opportunity  to take photographs and join in the fun.

Although the main festival town is Kazanlak many other towns have their own celebrations too for the Rose festival.

You can get more details of what is taking place in and around Kazanlak from the Tourist Information Centre  near the main square.

Nearby Places of interest include. Shipka Pass museum, Buzludzha  monument and the Russian memorial church at Shipka.

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