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Trusted House Sitters.

house sitters

Do you wish to travel to Bulgaria or any other country in the world for a holiday but can’t afford to leave your pets or home for one reason or another?

Do you wish to go on holiday and stay for Free?

Then  wishes can come true!

 Trustedhousesitters.com, maybe you have already heard of them and I am behind the times, (as usual), but after reading about this company, I must admit I was hooked on the whole brilliant concept.

The Concept

Housesitting, is exactly what it sounds like, someone looks after somebody’s house and pets while they are away on holiday or business.

They save money on kennel expenses and the house sitters get free holiday accommodation, its a win, win situation to a very common and world wide problem.

There are millions of people all over the world that would love to take a vacation but because of our commitments to our pets or our homes and gardens being left unattended for any length of time it’s too expensive or just not feasible.

Now you have an opportunity to use Trusted House Sitters or Become one!


House sitting is becoming a huge travel trend around the world. From town houses around the UK, to farmhouses in Tuscany, to apartments in Sydney and New York as well as to beach homes in Hawaii. There are thousands of house sitting opportunities.

Award winning TrustedHouseSitters.com is the world’s largest house and pet sitting website which connects home and, or, pet owners with trusted people who will house sit in exchange for accommodation, which can save you a significant amount of money when compared to booking pets into kennels or hiring a traditional house sitting agency.

Become Trusted House Sitters: The Perfect Travel Adventure

Family Travel with a Difference

With household budgets sthouse sittersretched like never before, many families have decided to do without an annual vacation. For families who love pets, enjoy travelling and discovering new places, then house sitting provides the perfect solution.

Claude and Jamie Abrams and their two young children know how to enjoy travelling and discovering new places while saving on the cost of accommodation. “When we discovered House Sitting it opened up all sorts of travel opportunities for us”

Many home and pet owners are very happy to have a family care for their home, especially if their pets are used to a busy family life. With no expensive ‘peak season’ resorts or hotels to worry about, plenty of space and a furry friend or two, house sitting makes for a great family holiday.

Retirement Travelhouse sitters

Thousands of retirees have already discovered the benefits of house sitting. Retirement gives more time to travel but often with a restricted budget. By offering their services as house sitters in exchange for a place to stay those in their 50s, 60s and beyond are able to travel without the cost of accommodation.

Allen and Linda are enjoying the perfect retirement thanks to Trusted house sitters. In the past year they have looked after fabulous properties in Australia, the UK, and Europe all without paying a penny for accommodation. They are always looking forward to their next adventure without the financial pressures that many retired people experience. “We are loving our new life of house sitting and are really busy with assignments – all of them amazing experiences.”

Living Rent Free

With housing costs spiraling in many parts of the world, particularly in cities such as London, Sydney, New York and Vancouver; house sitting offers the perfect solution.

Kristie from New Zealand who has been house sitting in London for the past 2 years, is a location independent worker and has saved thousands in rent and bills by house sitting full time. “I’ve been enjoying long term house sitting full-time through Trustedhousesitters.com for over 2 years now and it has been amazing.”

Other members are living rent free in the USA, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and beyond.

house sittersHouse sitting for long term travel

People everywhere are dreaming of giving up the day job, making the most of their retirement or changing their life forever by travelling long term.

House Sitters Nicole and Michael had dreamt of travelling the world for years, but before they discovered the benefits of house sitting 12 months ago they assumed they would never be able to afford the lifestyle they craved. “Since then we have been house sitting our way around the globe and it has been the most amazing 12 months of our life.” Places visited to date include Florida, California, London and Spain.

An Alternative Vacation

Dream accommodation can be expensive, but increasing demand for house sitters means that vacations don’t need to break the bank. For those who don’t enjoy resorts or tourist traps then house sitting solves that problem too. Become part of the local community or just enjoy the peace and quiet away from it all.

With house sitting assignments available in more than 50 countries it is possible to travel long term and stay in great accommodation on a budget – and many  members of Trusted House Sitters are doing just that right now!

Meet new people

Many house sitters make lifelong friends on their assignments as usually friends and neighbours of the homeowner are often very keen to make them feel at home. One of the buzz phrases nowadays is ‘live like a local’ Now is a great opportunity.

The Many Advantages of Using TrustedHousesitters

house sittersHome security.

Whether you live in the city, country, or have a home overseas, home security can be an issue if a property is left empty. A house sitter is the ideal deterrent. Also, homes left empty for more than 30 days usually become void of insurance cover.

 Home maintenance.

From burst pipes to air conditioner breaking down – if your home is occupied then any issues that arise can be efficiently dealt with, so you come home to a fully functioning home and no maintenance issues to deal with.

Pet Care

Pets prefer to remain in their natural home rather than kennels. This ensures they are less stressed due to their natural territorial inclinations and you’ll return to calm and contented animals. Keeping pets in their own home also ensures they are not exposed to pests and diseases such as kennel cough.

Garden care.

A house sitter can water indoor and outdoor plants, cut the grass, keep the weeds down or any other tasks you need taken care of in the garden.

Expense & Peace of Mind

Whether you are going away for a weekend, a month or even a year it’s never a great idea to leave your property empty. As most Trusted House Sitters don’t charge for their services pet owners can also save a considerable amount of money.

What People say abhouse sittersout Trusted House Sitters

Liz, Edinburgh, Scotland “Our wonderful house sitters made our trip to the US so much more relaxed and manageable. Our dogs just loved being in familiar surroundings and we felt so much more relaxed with the great photos and update. Our garden was tidied and small repairs carried out in the house. Would most definitely use this service again and have been recommending to everyonehouse sitters

Neil, British Expat in France “Just arrived back from our month-long trip around the world to find that our house-sitters had been absolutely exemplary in their dealings with our animals, our house, our belongings, our friends and neighbours, and left our hour just as we left it – totally clean and well-looked after. We were both anxious when we left but we had weekly contact via Skype and were reassured that everything was going swimmingly.”

Christina, Texas, USA “Our house sitters watched our two dogs, one cat, and home for us for 6 weeks over the holidays and went above and beyond. We were surprised with a home cooked meal for us upon our return and a clean house. What a wonderful service you have provided to us. Thank you for helping us make this connection.

John, Gold Coast, Australia “We couldn’t have been more pleased with our house sitter who continued throughout the entire 4 weeks to send photos of our cats via phone. She had a beautiful arrangement of flowers in the house the morning we came back and had baked a beautiful pie thinking my wife wouldn’t feel like cooking following a 37 hour trip home. The house was immaculate and the cats very well cared for.”

Are you ready to start a new adventure?

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