Bulgarianbuzz about page

Hi, Welcome to Bulgarian Buzz ‘ About page’

My name is Paul, I am English, retired,now living and enjoying the life in Bulgaria.

Did you know travel can reduce stress?
When you travel, you are away from the boring daily routine of your life and you see and experience new things which give your mind peace.

Travelling exposes you to the different cultures of the world. You meet different people, see their lifestyles and taste new food. Travelling also opens up your mind and you see how rest of the world functions.

This site is aimed at giving you, ‘the traveller‘ with great information to assist you in getting the best experience from your journey to Bulgaria. Having experienced many of the customs, cuisine and seeing the quickly changing lifestyle here I wish to share it with you and hopefully encourage you to visit this Eastern European jewel.


The increase in tourism has grown year on year since the end of socialism in Bulgaria and the country is being rediscovered as a world holiday destination.

Many tourists with families travel to the Black sea coastal resorts during the long hot summers. With its beautiful Golden beaches and affordable hotels it makes a great destination.

Bulgaria has much more to offer than sun sea and sand. I wish to draw attention to many of its other wonderful and fascinating assets which will hopefully encourage others to visit this wonderful land and participate in its transition period for sustainable tourism.

Thank you for visiting my site and enjoy your travels.