Bozhentsi Discovering Beautiful villages in Bulgaria

Bozhentsi is one of the most beautiful and picturesque villages in Bulgaria and a museum site of cultural importance.

The village is designated a historical and architectural reserve. The hamlet is free to enter and wander around the many cobbled streets and paths. Bozhentsi has several National Revival house museums enabling us to visit and take a look back in time as to how the locals  once lived.

Visitors with vehicles must park in the designated paid parking area a couple of hundred metres outside the village.


Origins of Bozhentsi

The village is over 600 years old.
Legend has it that a noblewoman arrived from the old capital of Tarnovo. She came to make her home in the area after her husband had been killed while defending Tsaravets fortress by the invading Ottomans.

Tarnovo was the first European capital to fall to the Turks after a three month sige in 1393 AD.

The lady was called Bozhana and she came with her children and other noble families who all brought a different culture to the area.
The settlement became known as Bozhentsi During the 18th and 19th centuries. The village flourished with many inhabitants earning their living from making crafts and or trading.   
Today, over 100 homes in Bozhentsi are very well preserved. Walking around the little cobbled lanes of the village where time has stood still, you can still admire the periods architecture.
There are several national customs which are still observed in Bozhentsi every year. These fall on the feast days at Easter, St Georges day and Christmas and involve singing and dancing and are very colourful traditions.  

bozhentsi and museums

Guest Houses ACCOMMODATION in Bozhentsi

There are many wonderful and historical guest houses to stay in Bozhentsi.
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Museums to visit in Bozhentsi

Museum house of Doncho Popov – The owner was one of the wealthiest merchants of wool and fur in Bozhentsi. 
Museum House of Baba Raina – One of the oldest preserved buildings in Bozhentsi.
Mengema – Building for purifying beeswax from early 19th century.  
Old School House – Built in 1870. 
New School House – Built during 1930’s

Museums Entrance is 6 leva or tickets can be bought cheaper by visiting several
Every third Tuesday of the month free of charge visiting the museums.

bozhentsi museums

Walking in Bozhentsi

There are many streets and cobbled paths which will lead you to enjoy discovering more as you walk around the village. However, if you are wanting to go further then there is an old roman road which takes you towards Gabrovo. (approximately 4 hours) Another path takes you to the town of Tryavna (2 hours). You can also make your way to Dryanovo which is also a 4 hour walk.

Why not take in some of that fresh country air and walk from Dryanovo or Tryavna to Bozhentsi, stay overnight and walk back the next day to your car!

Bozhentsi is situated about 35 kilometres south of Veliko Tarnovo and 15 kilometres from Gabrovo

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