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Castle Ravadinovo ‘In Love with the Wind’ Sozopol

Castle Ravadinovo is an architectural wonder. It does more than catch your eye as you drive South along the coast road from Bourgas towards Sozopol.
The first fleeting glance gives the impression that you have been transported to Southwest Bavaria rather than in the countryside of Bulgaria.

Towering above the surrounding empty farm fields is Bulgaria’s unique Fairy Tale Castle of Ravadinovo. Only few kilometres from the lovely resort of Sozopol.

Neuschwanstein castle in Bavaria was the inspiration for the Disneyland sleeping beauty castle.
The architect and builder of this castle was inspired by his boyhood dreams. Now, after 20 years of continuous construction this truly remarkable structure has been declared an ’Architectural Wonder.’ It has even been ranked 4th best castle in Europe.

Castle Ravadinovo Awards
  • The castle was awarded the prize for the most attractive tourist site of the year by the Bulgarian Hotel and Restaurant Association.
  • In 2013, Walt Disney used its natural décor to make its movie the Sleeping Beauty.
  • In 2016 the castle won the first prize of the international competition “A Hospitality, Recreation, Travel and Tourism Design“. 

Castle Ravadinovo
‘In Love with the Wind’

The castle Ravadinovo has been named ‘In Love with the Wind’ by its creator and owner George Tumpalov. He was born in the nearby village of Radinovo.

George must have been a romantic and like most of us as a child perhaps wished to live in a magic castle. George has made his dream come true in spectacular style.

Castle Ravadinovo is built in the shape of a cross. The top points to the North pole where unstoppable cold winds blow. The south wall points towards the Ancient pyramids, the West points to the rock of Gibraltar. The East structure leads to the peak of mount Everest.

In Love with the Wind derives its name from the gentle breeze which tends to blow in the area even on the hottest days. Maybe this is because of its close proximity of the Black Sea only few kilometres away.
Whatever the reason, its title and layout tells of the poetic side of its creator.

You can’t stay at the castle, there are no rooms. Inside the building it’s but an empty shell but I understand plans are being drawn to create an interior for visitors at some point.

Castle Ravadinovo Grounds

There is no guided tours around Ravadinovo castle. Visitors pay the entrance fee (10 leva) and are free to wander the many paths. The meandering walkways take you over ornate bridges, between fountains and waterfalls and through gardens of beautiful flowers.

Castle Ravadinovo Escape Room Challenge

Test your puzzle-solving skills and enjoy quizzical fun for children and adults on this 1-hour escape game challenge. With the 60-minute clock ticking and your team mates on hand to help, use your puzzle-solving skills to decipher tricky codes, find secret messages in encrypted riddles to find a release from your captivity in the castle room. This challenging game of escape works for groups of two to eight people, and brings a new level of excitement to your Ravadinovo Castle visit.

castle radadinovo

The castle Ravadinovo lake has both many beautiful black and white swans gliding over its crystal waters. Peacocks roam the grounds and many other animals that live there entertain both young and old.

A relaxing terrace around the pool lit by old Parisian street style lamps invite you to stop for a drink and relax and take in the wonderment. You will be forgiven for forgetting you are near to the most South Westerly part of Europe!

Castle Ravadinovo is still being added to and I expect it will be a place where you will wish to return to and once again enjoy the magical spell that touches everyone that visits.

Family Fun at the Neptune Aquapark

Next door to the Castle of Ravadinovo is the Neptune Aquapark. Tickets can be bought for both places at a discount. Check out the aquapark website

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