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Deli Hammam Turkish Ottoman Hypercaust baths Lovech

The Deli Hammam  is the first ‘Museum of water’ in Europe and was officially opened in June 2015.

It’s located in the old Varosha quarter of Lovech a few hundred meters from the covered bridge.

The Deli Hammam was a 16th -17th century public Turkish bath which was built during the occupation of the Ottoman rule. It was constructed in the first Muslim area of Lovech.

With European funding this beautiful piece of architecture, (possibly originally created by Yahya Pasha). Has been restored with great care and attention. It has now been brought back to its former glory with the addition of modern technology in the way of audio and visual displays and coloured lighting.

It tells the visitor about the ‘hypocaust system’ Two Greek words, Hypo meaning, under, and  caust meaning, burned

Deli Hammam ‘Hypercaust system’

deli hammam lovech hypercaust system

The hypercaust system was an underfloor heating design dating back to the Roman times. The floors are raised above the ground with many stacks of tile pillars with mortar between each tile layer.

Spaces were left between the walls for the smoke to rise up through its enclosed flue and through the roof. This, in turn heated the rooms but was not polluting the inside of the building with wood smoke from the furnace.

Running a hypocaust was very labour intensive and it would have needed constant attention to ensure the furnace was kept going as well as a good supply of wood.

Inside the Deli Hammam

Inside the Deli Hammam you can see how the system functioned as they have built a glass floor over the tile pillar structure below. Along with coloured lighting and touch screen visual explanations audio and lighting technology it’s a fascinating place to visit.

You can watch programmes on the history of the baths  as well as the history of Lovech from its early days to the present. You can also learn about other interesting facts about water and its importance as a life giving fluid.

You also have a choice of languages on the touch screens which are located in the several different rooms of the Deli Hammam.

The Deli Hammam is believed to be the last Turkish hammam that was used as a public bathroom for hygiene and relaxing purposes in Bulgaria.

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