The North Loop takes you into The Stara Planina or “Old Mountains”. This is a massive Balkan mountain range which stretches east to west across Bulgaria. The range is a landscape photographer’s dream o ering crashing waterfalls, exquisite caves and jaw-dropping panoramas.

Two weeks packed full of incredible landscape photography and friendly, small-group tuition.
By bus or train. 4×4 or horseback. Your own 2 feet and even hot-air balloon! You will experience the most remote and little-known locations in the region. You will greet the rising sun from soaring mountaintops and experiment with lighting techniques, beneath the arc of the Milky Way.

For Whom:

The tour is designed for the beginner and experienced photographer alike. You will need a camera  with the ability for manual control (you don’t need to be an expert with it). A tripod, and a laptop with Photoshop or Lightroom software. You will be taught by multi-talented photographers offering their expert tuition to ensure you come away from the two weeks with images you can’t believe are your own. Even better, with the knowledge to ensure you continue taking great photos. 

The Instructors:

Evo Danchev is an award winning photographer and photographer for National Geographic, Bulgaria. 

Steve Somerville is a professional photo-journalist for Metroland’s, York Region Media Group in Ontario, Canada.

And finally, Phil Sheil is a professor of art and design at the American University of Sharjah. 

Between the three of them you will receive a very in-depth, well-rounded perspective of the art of photography and the intricacies of editing your images for maximum impact.

How Much: 3500euro (all inclusive)

The tour is all-inclusive. Meaning all meals, accommodation, tuition, excursions. Travel within Bulgaria are included in the fee. You will only be required to arrange and pay for your flight to the country and any required visa and spending money and snacks while on the tour. 

The Meals:

You will not believe how well you will eat on this tour! The food is fresh, it’s wholesome and tasty and quite simply wonderful! Sadly, a tomato will never taste as flavourful again, or a pepper as sweet when you return home. Then there are the hearty pots of sizzling meats. The cheese and more cheese in every dish—even the French fries–and the fresh baked flat breads. And of course the home-grown wines to accompany the meals and the famous, home-brewed Brandy, known as Rakia, to finish everything off.

The Accommodation:

You will travel from one charming guesthouse to another to allow you the closest proximity to prime sunrise and sunset locations. Some accommodations offer greater charm and more amenities than others. But in all cases they are clean and well-kept with private shower facilities and free wi-fi. The high mountain huts are more primitive in their facilities, but do offer immediate access to stunning panoramas on your doorstep. So clean, comfortable and strategically located pretty much sums it up.