crocus tour

Crocus Tour of Bulgaria 2019 Landscape Photography

Landscape Photography: Crocus Intensive Mini-Tour

Tour Dates 17th -20th May 2019

This intensive mini-tour is aimed at seeing and photographing as much as possible in only a few days. You will not only get the unique opportunity to photograph the Rila Lakes when the crocuses* are in bloom, but also an opportunity to get to the most important highlights in the area. Every sunrise and sunset is an extraordinary photoshoot, so this isn’t a tour for the faint-hearted: Early starts, late-ish nights, mountain hikes and a considerable amount of travel in a short time are points to consider before booking. However, the food is wonderful, the beds comfortable, the company great fun and the whole experience wildly exciting…you won’t want it to end!
Given the time of year, there is always the possibility that weather conditions will not permit access to the Lakes. Should this be the case, an alternative destination may have to be substituted for the lakes

For whom

The tour is designed for the beginner and experienced photographer alike. You will need to have a DSLR camera (you don’t need to be an expert with it), a tripod, and laptop with editing software (although, given the length and pace of the tour, there is little scheduled editing time on this tour). You should be prepared for a pretty fast pace moving from one location to the next everyday. There will be early starts and also a hike to the Rila Lakes (this will be at a leisurely, photo shooting pace—no hurry, but it is an ascent and there could be ice and snow, so it may be slippery).

The Instructors

Evo Danchev is an award winning photographer and photographer for National Geographic, Bulgaria. 

Phil Sheil is a professor of art and design at the American University of Sharjah: 

How Much: 700 euros (all inclusive)

The tour is all-inclusive meaning all meals, accommodation, entrance fees, tuition, excursions and travel within Bulgaria are included in the fee. You will only be required to arrange and pay for your flight to the country, any required visa and spending money and snacks while on the tour.

The Meals:
You will not believe how well you will eat on this tour! The food is fresh, it is wholesome and tasty and quite simply wonderful. Think fresh seasonable vegetables, hearty pots of sizzling meats, fresh baked flat breads and cheese and more cheese in every dish—even the French fries have cheese. And of course the home-grown wines to accompany the meals and the famous, home-brewed Brandy, known as Rakia, to finish everything off.

The Accommodation:
The accommodation is clean, comfortable and strategically located to offer the best access to our sunset and sunrise locations. The second night is the most basic. You will hike that day to a mountain hut in the Rila mountains. In this case, the facilities are clean and well-kept, but more primitive: warm beds, but no showers and the toilets are outdoors. However, they do offer immediate access to stunning panoramas on your doorstep. The final night, you will once again be in a charming guesthouse with all the amenities.

The Basic Itinerary:
Day One: Friday
Tour starts 3pm
Sofia Streets afternoon tour, dinner and sunset shoot
Sunset: Sofia
Sleep: Sofia hotel

Day Two: Saturday
Sunrise: Kyustendil chapel (depart Sofia 4am)
Hike to Rila Mountain Hut
Sunset: Rila Lakes
Sleep: Rila Lakes Hut Two

Day Three: Sunday
Sunrise: Rila Lakes
Transfer to Melnik
Sunset: Pyramids above Melnik
Sleep: Melnik Guesthouse

Day Four: Monday
Sunrise: Rozhen pyramids
Rozhen monastery
Lunch: Rila Monastery
Return to Sofia early evening