Plovdiv Hotels Ancient Roman City Accommodation

Plovdiv hotels are many but being the second largest city in Bulgaria choosing where to stay for the first time visitor can be a stab in the dark!

This ancient Roman town is a must to visit if you are travelling to Bulgaria. It is the European capital of culture for 2019 and so many hotels will be enjoying full bookings with visitors from all over the world.

Plovdiv has its own international airport and so many Plovdiv hotels offer airport shuttle.
For those that arrive in Sofia by air. Plovdiv is situated East,about 1.5 hours drive from the capital. and is easy to get to either by car, bus, or train. If you need transfer from Sofia or from any other Bulgarian town or city then you could always enquire to the Plovdiv accommodation if they shuttle from other places too.

Six of the Best Plovdiv Hotels

All these hotels are chosen because of criteria; Location, Parking, free wi-fi, airport shuttle, 24/7 front desk and Guest ratings of 8+

Hotel Dafi
Downtown Plovdiv Family Hotel 3*
Hotel Evmolpia 3*
Hotel Restaurant Odeon 3*
Roots Hotel & Wine Bar 3*
Kuker Inn

images are views around the city of Plovdiv

Looking for a particular hotel to book in Plovdiv not listed here?

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