Veliko Tarnovo Hotels. Medieval City of the Tsars & Arbanasi Village

Veliko Tarnovo is one of the most beautiful cities in Bulgaria. It is the old medieval capital of the country and has many historical attractions within its surrounding area and is a great place to stay for a long or short term holiday.
Veliko Tarnovo hotels are plenty and varied to suit individual requirements and budgets. Nightlife is great and restaurants serving Bulgarian and European cuisine are plentiful. Read more about the ancient city of Veliko Tarnovo

Six of the Best Veliko Tarnovo Hotels

All of these Veliko Tarnovo hotels are chosen because of: great location, free wi-fi,parking and 8+ guest rating

veliko tarnovo hotels
Yantra Grand Hotel 4*
veliko tarnovo hotels
Real Hotel
veliko tarnovo hotels
Hotel Alegro 3*
veliko tarnovo hotels
Hotel Comfort 2*
veliko tarnovo hotels
Hikers Hostel
veliko tarnovo hotels
Guest House Divna 2*

Images are views around the city of Veliko Tarnovo

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Only a few kilometres from the Veliko Tarnovo hotels and overlooking the old capital lies the beautiful village of Arbanasi. It is a wonderful place to stay and relax and offers several places of interest. Walking around the cobbled stoned village lanes is a pleasure too and many restaurants are available to serve food and drinks throughout the day.

Arbanasi Hotels

These hotels have been chosen for value, swimming pool,free wi-fi, parking and guests 8+ rating.

Sevastokrator Hotel & Spa 3*
arbanasi towards the balkan mountains
Bolyarsko Selo 3*
arbanasi church of the nativity
Hotel Izvora 2 3*

Images around Arbanasi

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Both Veliko Tarnovo and Arbanasi are approximately 3.5 hours drive from Sofia International airport and 3.5 hours from the Black sea resorts or Varna and Bourgas. Veliko Tarnovo accommodation is a great base to enjoy a holiday being centrally located for many Northern Bulgarian places of interest such as Ruse, Lovech and Gabrovo municipalities.

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