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Where to Stay Bulgaria. Find Deals in the Most popular Destinations

Looking for somewhere to stay in Bulgaria and not sure of the area? Are you looking to arrange accomodation on your chosen route of your tour around the Balkans but need a little help in deciding?

Before travelling to Bulgaria, make sure you have all the required visas and documentation or you will be refused entry.

I understand how much research some people go to ensure they are near to city sites and landmarks. Some wish to be able to walk from their chosen hotel which is central to attractions. Others wish to be as far from the ‘maddening crowds’ as possible but don’t know where to pick. Others may need a family beach holiday but not sure which one would suit their needs.

I have put together a list of favourite destinations around Bulgaria and the most popular criteria when searching accommodation. High rating scores given by previous guests, importance of location, wi-fi, parking, airport shuttle and 24/7 front desk. All this to help you with your choice of hotel and in particular to those first time visitors.

alexander nevsky cathedral
tsaravets fortress veliko tarnovo
Veliko Tarnovo
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Most hotels throughout Bulgaria tend to have English speaking staff and can often assist for local area knowledge

Using a Car while Staying in Bulgaria?

Don’t let the Cyrillic alphabet put you off coming to visit this wonderful country. If you’re self driving for example, most road signs to major destinations now are both in English Latin as well as Bulgarian. Also in the rural areas you will find the villages marked in both alphabets. So a good map is all you need! I would also suggest bringing a map even if you have a sat nav!

Looking for a particular destination to book in Bulgaria not listed here?

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If you are touring from one city to another without a car then check out Alternative ways to get around Bulgaria. Buses run from all major cities are comfortable and are excellent for time keeping. Furthermore for those on a budget or backpacking it’s a great way to see and stay in Bulgaria